You're kale-ing me!

Oh kale no! We currently don’t ship to your area. But we will soon.

In the meantime, check with your East Coast roots. Maybe Aunt Debs wants one. If not, follow us on social media for updates.


Here's what you can expect

What's in my Starter Pack?

Your starter pack consists of our fan-favorites: Cherry Bomb, PB & J Power, Strawberry Banana Bliss, Matcha Glow, Hummus, and Thai Ginger Corn. Want something else? This is a free country after all. You can modify your box to your liking.

Can I skip or pause anytime?

Yes. You can skip, pause, cancel, or switch your plan, edit your cup selections, anytime before your plan’s modification deadline (typically Saturday 11:59PM EST before an upcoming delivery).

Where do you source your food from?

From a wizard. Well, sort-of. We source all of our ingredients from certified IQF (individually quick frozen) suppliers. All ingredients are individually frozen at the time of harvest to maintain the highest nutritional value without any preservatives or additives.

How does the cup and machine work together?

Our kwiX Machine and Blix Cups are bffs. They really get each other. Through a RFID (radio frequency identification) recognition system, the Xi Machine is programmed to recognize each cup in order to provide a perfect blend every time.