Clean Deliciousness.
No Cleanup.

Behold the Blix Cup: filled with delicious ingredients to make smoothies, soups, and spreads in our revolutionary Xi machine with no cleanup ever. WOW is exactly right.

Limited time offer - packs begin shipping in
Sept (East Coast) and Nov (West Coast)

Getting Started is Easy

Get Starter Pack
Includes Xi machine PLUS 6 of our most popular cups. They won’t last long!
Pick Your Plan
Get 6 or 12 cups of deliciousness delivered weekly
Fill Your Box
Now the fun part - pick any smoothies, soups, or spreads you like

Our Shameless
“Get You Hooked” Offer

For just $99, you get the whole deal - our chic, revolutionary Xi machine and 6 delicious cups. We’re offering this sweet deal because we want you discover the new Blix farm-to-cup revolution. When we regain our sanity, this offer is officially over.

Blix Pricing

One-time Pre-Order of our Starter Pack for $99 (Limited Time Offer)

Now, you can also order Blix Cups to use in your existing blender until Starter Packs ship*

*East Coast Only
6 Cup Plan
$6.49 per cup. Perfect for individuals and couples. Easily skip, pause, or cancel anytime.
$38.99+ Free Shipping
12 Cup Plan
$5.99 per cup. Perfect for families
 or those looking to enjoy Blix a few times each day. Easily skip, pause, or cancel anytime.
$71.99+ Free Shipping