No-prep, no-mess.
Real food when you want it.

Pair the kwiX machine with Blix Cups for autonomous healthy drinks and meals at the press of a button.

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It’s autonomous. Ready in 2 minutes.

The smart kwiX machine senses what drinks and meals you're trying to make before automatically preparing. No work. No prep. No cleanup.

Step 1

Put cups in kwiX and press the “On” button.

Step 2

Take drink or meal out and enjoy!

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Skip the meal prep.

We eliminate the meal prep hassle for you. That means no planning, shopping, or chopping. Our Blix Cups come prepared with real, good-for-you ingredients that are ready to blend.

Fresh ingredients, no mess.

The kwiX machine instantly knows what recipe you put in. Our ready-made ingredients, frozen at the peak freshness, blend with a built-in blade for easy, on-the-go drinks and meals.

Blend in minutes.

Say good-bye to poor breakfast choices and speed up your morning routine with the one-touch operated kwiX machine. There's no mess to clean up since everything happened inside the cup!

Soups, smoothies, and spreads at the press of a button.

Blix’s chef-curated drinks & meals are packed with individually quick frozen (IQF) ingredients, made in 2 minutes.

Meals for every time of the day.

Blix Cups make more than just smoothies. We offer a delicious variety of dishes to keep you fed all day!
  • Smoothies— Nourishing ingredients come together in minutes to leave you feeling good and full.
  • Soups— Delicious and nutritious varieties of chef-curated soups so you can live without the hassle and canned soup horror.
  • Spreads— For an incredible snack that satisfies your taste buds or enhances your meals.
Not sure you'll like them? Order a box of cups to taste without a subscription.

Pick your plan.

Get Blix cups delivered at your pace, weekly or every other week, or when you want it with our 6 or 12 cup options. You can customize your cups in between orders and can easily skip, pause, or cancel your plan at any time.

6 cup

$7.99 per cup

12 cup

$7.49 per cup

Full of all-natural ingredients.

No preservatives.
No artificial flavor.
No GMOs.
No processed sugars.
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Superfood smoothies.
Savory soups. Sweeeet spreads.

Get new cups weekly, bi-weekly, or on-demand so you’ll always have fresh drinks and meals.




Inside the autonomous
kwiX machine.

Choose Your Cups

Save time with
the Blix Cup.

Our 100% recyclable cups handle the food prep and clean up so your meals are ready in minutes.

Ready to go in seconds.

Blix Cups come pre-filled with the tasty, healthy pre-chopped ingredients you need for a quick drink or meal.
Simply fill with your favorite liquid (water, plant-based milk, and more), squeeze, place in the kwiX machine and create!
Enjoy right from the cup or use a straw with our accident-prevention opening.

Never clean again.

When paired with the kwiX machine, the cup's handy single-use blade, designed for optimal processing, brings drinks and meals together in minutes.
You won't need to chop recipe ingredients or clean anything behind the kwiX machine's safety sliding door.
Cups are microwave-safe and 100% recyclable so you can responsibly toss the cup without impacting the environment.
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Real Blix users.

Artisanal drinks and meals to go.

Blix’s chef-curated drinks and meals are packed with individually quick frozen (IQF) ingredients, prepared in as little as 2 minutes.

Packed with superfoods.

Find the right Blix drink or meal for you! Each recipe features mixes of fruits or vegetables including but not limited to:
  • Immunity-boosting mango
  • Detoxing ginger
  • Antioxidant-rich goji berries
  • Protein-packed chickpeas
  • Anti-inflammatory mint
  • And much more!
Our recipes are completely vegetarian with options that can fit Vegan diets, Whole 30 eating, and low-sugar needs. Not sure you'll like them? Order a box of cups to taste without a subscription.

Frozen at peak freshness.

To preserve nutrients and freshness, our ingredients are individually quick-frozen (IQF) from certified non-GMO and pesticide-free farms.
Our cups feature an honesty window so that you can see every ingredient you’re about to nourish your body with.
Ingredients come prechopped and perfectly portioned, taking care of all the prep work.

Our Happiness Guarantee.

Available in black or white, we know you're going to love your kwiX machine.

If you're not entirely happy after 30 days, you can return the machine free of charge.
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How Blix Works.

Our ingredients are ethically sourced, frozen, and shipped directly to you to enjoy!

Delivered to you.
Tons of options.
Put in liquid.
Place in kwiX.
One-touch start.
Enjoy & Recycle.