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What Are the Best Pre and Post-Workout Smoothies?

Nov 15, 20

Whether you’re a fitness fanatic or an exercise newbie, there’s nothing more important than knowing the ins and outs of fueling your body to best assist your physical activity. Pre and post-workout smoothies can be tricky to navigate. Understanding the appropriate nutrients to boost your training and recovery can make a huge difference in your progress. Have no fear! We broke down nutritional benefits, tips, and recommendations for pre and post-workout smoothies to have you up and running at your best. Now get out there!

Pre Workout Smoothies

Fueling before a gym sesh can set you up for success in muscle mobility and growth. Therefore, it’s important not to consume anything too heavy before you workout. You want to be energized by your food and not weighed down. Try to avoid dairy before your workout, as that can make you feel sluggish. Using regular water or coconut water is a great choice for liquids to incorporate in your smoothie.

Go Bananas

Firstly, bananas are a great source of potassium. Therefore, they are a perfect ingredient to consume before a workout. About 45 minutes into intense physical exercise, muscle cramping is likely to occur. Conveniently, the potassium content in bananas is great for preventing this cramping. In addition, it can help to prevent muscle fatigue. 

Fresh Banana in Blix Smoothies


Healthy Fat Is Where It’s at

Consuming food high in calories and carbohydrates is also great for lasting energy. So, ingredients like nut butter and oats are a great source of protein and fiber to contribute to both of these nutritional groups. Try enjoying our Strawberry Supreme smoothie packed with bananas, almond butter, oats, and tons of other nutritional goodies. These will keep you full and energized throughout the entirety of your workout.

Berry Refreshing

If you prefer a light snack before working out, fresh berries make a great option. They are refreshing and high in Vitamin C! Cherry Bomb makes a great lighter, hydrating option before exercising. Try experimenting with coconut water as your choice of liquid with Cherry Bomb for a light, refreshing, low-calorie pre-workout snack. 

Blix Smoothies with frozen strawberry

Post Workout Smoothies

Is the only thing getting you through your workout is thinking about your post-gym snack? Samesies. If you're thinking of the best way to recharge after physical activity, look for something a bit more substantial. Using a plant-based or dairy-based milk in your smoothie is a great option after your workout. Also, try using non-dairy milk like oat milk, rice milk, or any nut milk you enjoy. For example, almond milk will provide a great additional boost of protein to your post-workout smoothie.

Keen on Protein

A snack that is high in protein is perfect for replenishing muscle fibers. Especially, after strength-based workouts. After your workout is a great time to pack in the protein. Try Protein PB & J or a great-tasting, post-workout treat. Your body will crave plant-based protein and peanut butter which are both great protein sources.

Cocoa or Pineapple? You can’t go wrong!

Another substantial smoothie like Piña Coco Breeze is a great choice to recharge after a workout. Exercising produces an excess of free radicals or unstable electrons. Luckily, pineapple helps the body to relieve its free radicals after physical activity. Pineapple works as a sort of maintenance system to get rid of these free radicals. Cocoa Craze is also a great protein source and one of our updated recipes (coming soon!). The rich combination of walnuts, butternut squash, and cocoa powder are chock full of iron, fiber, Vitamin C and magnesium. Additionally, walnuts are a strong source of protein and creamy addition to this chocoholic smoothie. Enjoy protein-rich Cocoa Craze after an intense workout. You deserve it!

Pina Cocoa Breeze smoothie standing next to natural ingredients like coconut and pineapple`

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