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Which Smoothie Are You Based on Your Zodiac Sign?

Oct 20, 20

We all have that one friend, who’s always the first to tell you that mercury is in Gatorade (I mean retrograde). You might roll your eyes or begin to question your own recent series of unfortunate events, (i.e. your mysteriously missing phone charger). No matter your celestial stance, we found that zodiac signs can point to your own unique smoothie preferences. Look no further than our master guide to find out which smoothie you are based on your zodiac sign. Whether you’ll be filling your box with a new recipe this week, or stocking up on one of your current faves, you’ll have mornings conquered with a smoothie perfectly paired with your personality. Skeptical? Well lucky for you, it’s already written in the stars...

Sagittarius (Nov. 23 - Dec. 21) - Piña Coco Breeze

Sagittarius Smoothie

Smoothie: Piña Coco Breeze. Previously known as Pineapple Coconut.

Wanderlust is Sagittarius’s middle name. For instance, as an open-minded free spirit who can’t get enough of travel, the tropical flavors of Piña Coco Breeze will instantly transport Sagittarius's everywhere to the beaches of the Caribbean or the rainforests of the Amazon. Moreover, the curious and energetic Sagittarius will be hydrated and ready to seek adventure with this sunny smoothie.

Capricorn (Dec. 22 - Jan. 19) - Strawberry Banana Bliss

Capricorn Smoothie 

Smoothie: Strawberry Banana Bliss. Previously known as Strawberry Banana.

Capricorn’s crave tradition, so the classic smoothie flavors of Strawberry Banana Bliss are a match made in smoothie heaven. However, ingredients like chia seeds and probiotic powder will satisfy your grounded and responsible side as well. Realistic and practical, this smoothie’s five clean ingredients and no-prep no-mess process get the job done for timely Capricorns.

Aquarius (Jan. 20 - Feb. 19) - Spinach Mint Detox

Aquarius Smoothie

Smoothie: Spinach Mint Detox. Previously known as Green Detox.

The deep-intellect of the water-bearer will be hydrated and ready to take on any problem with Spinach Mint Detox. Specifically, refreshing flavors like apple and cucumber will recharge Aquarius to carry out their humanitarian acts. Often times, Aquarius’ need space alone to restore their internal power. So, enjoy your me-time with this super green smoothie and come back more powerful than ever Aquarius!

Pisces (Feb. 19 - Mar. 20) Beet Cleanser

Pices Smoothie

Smoothie: Beet Cleanser.

Pisces, the bright and fresh colors of Beet Cleanser will stimulate all your artistic senses. Additionally, beets, mango, basil, and cherries paint the most delicious picture of clean eating. For instance, citrusy flavors like orange, lemon, and basil will brighten up your day to continue to lead a generous and caring life, such as volunteering at homeless shelters or babysitting your neighbor’s parrot.

Aries (Mar. 21 - Apr. 20) Morning Blend

Aries Smoothie

Smoothie: Morning Blend. Previously known as Almond Coffee.

Aries are headstrong, quick, and ambitious. Which Smoothie are you based on your Zodiac Sign? Easy, Morning Blend. Therefore, the bold taste of coffee in this smoothie will have Aries buzzing to take on any challenge. Luckily, Aries can fend off the Monday blues with the flavors of almond and coffee in this perky Morning Blend. Additionally, Aries' love to be number one and this pick-me-up smoothie will have them competing at their best.

Taurus (Apr. 21 - May 20) Matcha Glow

Taurus Smoothie

Smoothie: Matcha Glow. Previously known as Green Dream.

Taurus, a spirit that enjoys relaxing in serene environments, will love the green-powered smoothie of Matcha Glow. Without a doubt, this Earth sign pairs perfectly with the earthy flavors of matcha powder and nutritious elements of avocado. Likewise, Taureans are strong and dependable, just like bananas and mangos with their high potassium content.

Gemini (May 21 - Jun. 21) Mint Cocoa Chip

Gemini Smoothie

Smoothie: Mint Cocoa Chip. Previously known as Cocoa Mint.

Gemini, interested in so many pursuits that it had to double itself, is represented by the Mint Cocoa Chip smoothie which doubles as a guilt-free dessert and healthy breakfast. Also, Chlorella, a unique ingredient that is full of vitamins and minerals, represents Gemini’s curious nature. Accordingly Gemini, it’s time to treat yourself with this winning combo!

Cancer (Jun. 21 - Jul. 22) Strawberry Supreme

Cancer Smoothie

Smoothie: Strawberry Supreme. Previously known as Strawberry Oats.

Strawberry Supreme’s filling ingredients will comfort Cancer’s empathetic and compassionate spirit. Undoubtedly, ingredients like almond butter, oats, and goji berry powder will leave Cancer’s immunity protected, just like the way they protect others. Some say, Cancer’s have psychic abilities, and can probably predict if yo-yos will make a comeback. With that being said, nutritional benefits like protein and fiber will keep these psychic abilities sharp!

Leo (Jul. 23 - Aug. 22) Mexican Hot Cocoa

Leo Smoothie

Smoothie: Mexican Hot Cocoa. Previously known as Aztec Cocoa.

Leo’s fiery personality is ignited by the kick of Cayenne in this sweet and spicy Mexican Hot Cocoa smoothie. Passionate and celebratory, Leo will love the warming flavors of butternut squash and cocoa powder. Most notably, this smoothie is packed with iron and magnesium, sure to nourish and fulfill the lion of the zodiacs!

Virgo (Aug. 23 - Sep. 22) Cherry Bomb

Virgo Smoothie

Smoothie: Cherry Bomb. Previously known as Very Berry.

The nature of Virgo’s as logical and practical lends itself to our medley of complementary berries in our Cherry Bomb smoothie. Namely, Virgo’s aren’t afraid to improve their skills through diligent practice. Therefore, this smoothie will help you do just that with its immunity-boosting properties, which will keep you moving all day long! A perfectionist at heart, Virgo will meet its match with this perfect storm of fresh berries.

Libra (Sep. 23 - Oct. 22) PB & J Power

Libra Smoothie

Smoothie: PB & J Power. Previously known as Protein PB & J.

Libra’s are obsessed with symmetry and attempt to create balance and harmony in all areas of their life. In fewer words, there has never been a more harmonious pairing than that of peanut butter and jelly. Especially, packed into a recovery boosting and a fiber-filled smoothie. Fittingly, all of Libra’s energies will balance out with just one sip of PB and J Power.

Scorpio (Oct. 23 - Nov. 22) Apple Pie

Scorpio Smoothie

Smoothie: Apple Pie. Previously known as Apple Spice.

Scorpio is often mistaken for a fire sign due to their passion and power. Similarly, our Apple Pie smoothie will have you thinking you’re taking a bite of the classic dessert. Equally important, Scorpio, a strong water sign, will be fueled and fulfilled by Apple Pie’s 150% daily value of iron. Fittingly, Apple pie spice, cinnamon, and chia seeds are a winning trio in this powerhouse smoothie.

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