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Which Smoothie are you based on your Love Language?

Oct 20, 20

Whether you are focusing on a relationship with a partner, relationship with yourself, or even relationships with your friends and family, Valentine’s Day is a time to celebrate all the love in your life. Try identifying and understanding the way you give and receive love to see how it affects your relationships. Enter love languages! The five love languages include Words of Affirmation, Acts of Service, Gifts, Quality Time, and Physical Touch. Our love language? Smoothies. Oh, wait, that’s not one of the five? Well, we have expertly paired our bevy of swoon-worthy smoothies that will evoke love in each of these five languages. Which smoothie are you based on your love language?

Words of Affirmation

If your primary love language is words of affirmation, you receive love through compliments, open communication, verbal encouragement, and simple praises. If this is you, then Strawberry Supreme matches your love language. Ingredients like strawberries, oats, and almond butter are comforting and will fill you up just like words of kindness. Those who identify with this love language find love in words of gratitude and your body will be grateful when you enjoy this fiber focused smoothie. You feel strong when you are built up by caring and loving phrases and you will feel strong and empowered with Strawberry Supreme’s strong dose of protein. Go ahead, and shout your love from the rooftop! 

Strawberry Supreme Smoothie

Acts of Service

Spinach Mint Detox is for you if your love language is acts of service. If you cherish acts of service, it means the most to you when your partner does the laundry, cooks dinner, or fills up your car with gas. Therefore, Spinach Mint Detox is the definition of “actions speak louder than words.” Appropriately, Spinach Mint Detox does all good things for your body. It aids in digestion, has anti-inflammatory properties, and provides digestive support. Additionally, acts that make you feel good are done with happiness, thought and goodwill at heart. We have thoughtfully curated this recipe to make you feel great. Ingredients like mint, lemon, and ginger are refreshing on the palette and have a clean, light finish. You will feel unburdened and carefree when acts of service are done by someone that cares about you and when you cherish the rejuvenating flavors of Spinach Mint Detox.

Spinach Mint Detox


Is there anything better than receiving the perfect gift? Not for this love language! Receiving a gift means someone was thinking about you, putting your needs before their own, and dedicating their time to make you feel special. Awww. So many feels. Getting a gift that you’ve had your eye on or something you never even knew you wanted feels like the way Mint Cocoa Chip tastes. Ingredients like cocoa and banana are warm and familiar, while mint and chlorella powder is surprising and fun! Enjoy this twist on the classic mint chocolate chip ice cream after celebrating a gift exchange success. You will feel supported in your relationship with a great gift, and with the immunity-boosting properties of Mint Cocoa Chip.

Mint Cocoa Chip

Quality Time

For this love language, the recipient feels most loved when spending quality time with their partner. For example, this could include a private getaway or a no-frills afternoon spent together at home. So, if you’re wondering which smoothie you are based on your love language, look no further than Piña Coco Breeze. Enjoy Piña Coco Breeze where coconut and pineapple make the perfect couple when they spend quality time getting blended in your cup! Plus, this smoothie will transport you to a tropical destination. You'll feel like you’re spending quality time with your partner or with friends and family. It’s bright and sunny, just like the rush of serotonin you get after hanging out with the ones you love. Whatever the place, the only thing that matters is that you’re together!

Pina Cocoa Breeze

Physical Touch

Let’s get physical! Individuals that have physical touch as their number one love language love being close to people. Shocker. They feel most connected and secure when they are expressing their love when snuggled up close. Which smoothie are you based on your love language? Enter Apple Pie! The warm flavors of cinnamon and apple pie spice will get your snuggle on! Additionally, Apple Pie is warming, comforting, and will make you feel at home, just like your partner does. This smoothie is one you’ll want to hold close, as it has a healthy dose of Vitamin C and iron. Star ingredients like apple, lemon, and chia seeds, will have you feeling all the feels!

Apple Pie Smoothie

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