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Love for Blix Inside International Housewares Association’s Market Watch

Apr 14, 21

We here at Blix are committed to blending real food with ultimate convenience! We’re excited about the extremely positive response to our new Blix Pouches. 

Blix was recently featured in International Housewares Association (IHA)’s Market Watch series that focused on products that not only eliminate chores but also provide convenience to users during modern challenging times.

IHA Market Watch - Time

During Blix’s feature (from 14:31-17:18) the panel walks through how to use Blix and covers some of what makes Blix a great product to compliment anyone’s lifestyle! Here’s what they had to say:


  • "When I think about tricking out my home office, I could see this in my home office, where it’s easy to grab a smoothie while I'm working. It has applications beyond the kitchen.” - Leana Salamah, vice president of marketing for IHA
  • “Anything that can eliminate steps to the [cooking] process is good“ Joe Derochowski, vice president and home industry advisor for The NPD Group
  • They checked a lot of boxes… event the recyclable aspect.  the blending mechanism is in the lid. You never have to touch it, you never have to clean it. You take it off and put it in the recycler. It’s actually a very green product. They put a lot of love into it” - Tom Mirabile, principal and founder of Springboard Futures and consumer trend analyst for IHA
  • "You can make surprising things! Make hummus, make a variety of pestos, the oatmeal you put in there, and of course, the a subscription service that you can use more often and get more satisfaction with it.” - Peter Giannetti of IHA moderates

You can watch and read all about Blix here and check out some other great products on IHA’s website.


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