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Upgrade Your Blix Experience

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You know how incredible Blix Cups are. Now enjoy real food blended with true convenience with the kwiX machine.

With the kwiX machine:

  • Your Blix Cups are automatically recognized.
  • Meals and drinks are ready in as little as two minutes.
  • All the food prep happens inside the cup!




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Instantly recognize cups.

The kwiX machine automatically recognizes a chip in each cup to adjust speed and power for perfect taste, texture, and consistency each time.

Easy one-touch operation.

Speed up your daily routine with the one-touch operated kwiX machine and have your drinks and meals ready in about two minutes.

No mess, no clean-up.

The kwiX machine controls the blade inside the Blix Cup, leaving nothing to clean up! Simply recycle your cup after enjoying your meal!

Inside the autonomous
kwiX machine.