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Cup The Farm
Cup The Future

We go back in time - to pure and authentic ingredients - and go forward with technology to make them available with revolutionary convenience

A Farm To Cup Revolution

We start with peak fresh ingredients and turn them into chef-curated treats

It starts at
the farm

We work with farmers to source the freshest, ripest ingredients right at harvest


Each single piece of fruit gets so much love from us that they are INDIVIDUALLY frozen

Cups of

Our chefs curate them into mouth-watering recipes like Green Detox or Very Berry

Home Delivery

Beat the laborious lines at the grocery store and get it delivered to your door


Up goes the cup into our Xi machine, which blends flawlessly without any mess

Blix = Bliss

Enjoy the pure ingredients you crave with the convenience you demand

Our Ingredient Promise

No Preservatives
No Artificial Flavor
No Added Sugar

The Revolutionary Smart Blender


Blix IQF (Individually Quick Frozen)

Every single piece of fruit and veggie is frozen individually at the time of harvest and peak of freshness

All nutrients and vitamins stay locked (not to mention the delicious just-picked taste!)


"Fresh" Produce at the Grocery Store

Typically picked before they are ripe, which gives them less time to develop a full spectrum of vitamins and minerals

While traveling to the final destination, fruits & veggies are exposed to heat and light, which degrades nutrients


We leverage revolutionary technology to bring bliss and simplicity to your life

Clean Ingredients

We give you full transparency of ingredients and nutritional values through our honesty window


We're obsessed with creating the best recipes that'll keep you coming back for more


We know less is more, which is why it only takes seconds to enjoy a Blix cup with the simple touch of a button